Nick Mansfield was born in 1982 in Memphis, Tennessee. His work is predominantly photographic, but also includes large scale installations. He turned exclusively to art following a successful career as an art director in commercial advertising.


Born into a working class neighborhood, Mansfield spent much of his youth surrounded by the violence and crime that tore apart American cities in the 1980’s and 90’s. After moving to California from Memphis as a young adult, he began using art as a tool for resolving the troubling events of his childhood. These early experiences greatly affected his perspective on American life, which would later become the foundation of his work.

At times political, Mansfield’s work expresses frustration with American self-perception and dogged belief in the American Dream. He defines his photographic work as “single frame narrative.” Each image begins with an intensive period of story and character development. Equally inspired by traditional Americana and the Old Masters, Mansfield’s photographic work is characterized by his use of light to create a heightened reality. Utilizing classic theatre lighting technique, he amplifies the emotion and drama in his images. The completed work challenges its viewer to contemplate the stories that unfold around him each day, to step away from daily distractions and reexamine the moments that define our lives.

Nick Mansfield currently lives and works in San Diego, CA.