Weathering the Storm @ SDAI
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Weathering the Storm @ SDAI

  • San Diego Art Institute @ Horton Plaza (map)
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You are placed into a cage from which there is no escape. Forced to fight for freedom daily from the confines of your mind. On good days you win and walk away with merely a few anxious scrapes. Bad days leave you with a heavy claustrophobic feeling. That a different box would be better. Easier. The clock keeps ticking. The sun sets and rises. Each day a new brutal battle emerges. You live and fight. You fight to live. There is little relief.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - few words in the American lexicon are more loaded than these. The phrase instantly drums up thoughts of war-torn soldiers battling their own minds; caged by the things they've witnessed. Participated in. This is often true of soldiers, but they are not alone. The person standing next to you here may be warring with themselves regularly too for any number of equally traumatic reasons. Eight percent of Americans suffer from PTSD, women are twice as likely to suffer as men, and for most of us, PTSD strikes us as adults when we’re less likely to reach out for help.

The initial key to understanding something is awareness. Come in. Step behind the curtain. Open your mind and see what the world inside the cage looks like.


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