We Surrender…. it is all over, this country has given up and given in. 34,500 dead every year. Do we care anymore? I can't answer that question. What I can say is that america has stepped away from the  judges podium and washed its hands clean of its brother’s and sister’s blood. We Surrender.

We surrender our friends and loved ones to early graves. Our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, our sons, our daughters. Their bullet riddled bodies laid down in the increasingly expansive hallowed ground of our country. The one country left in the developed world with such an epidemic; a plague of biblical proportions right here in the modern day. So what do we do?  We Surrender

Surrender to our fear, our apathy, our ideological prejudice. We have given up on empathy, on critical thinking, we have given up on conversations that matter. In their place we have substituted soapbox ranting and damning of all others with a differing opinion. Two worlds divided, all that lies in the middle is 34,500 dead.  

How Can You Help?

It is time we act. America can no longer sit idly by while our loved ones are erased from this earth. We Surrender will show the country the scope and destruction that guns have inflicted on our citizens. It will feature 34,500 white flags placed in San Diego each bearing the name of an individual who lost their life at the barrel of a gun. This is where you come in. We need names. If you lost someone gun violence we ask you to fill out this form and join our movement. Enter your email and I will gladly keep you updated on how the project is progressing. Thanks for your help, now fill out that form 

Your Name
Your Name
Please list the loved ones you have lost to gun violence. This could be from homicide, suicide, accidental or police involved shootings. We ask that you only list people killed in the United States and please only place one name in each field. Thank you for your help.